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The environmental benefits of wood flooring have played a significant role in its rise as a popular floor covering choice.


Variety and Beauty

Wood floors have a natural warmth and timeless beauty that no other floor covering can offer.


Easy to maintain

For regular maintenance, wood floors require simple sweeping, vacuuming



Wood flooring not only increases property value, but it also never goes out of style.


Healthier than alternatives

Wood flooring offers a multitude of health benefits. It does not trap dust,

allergens and other particulates.  

Fixed eliminating squeaky boards, and minor repairs carried out prior to sanding, as part of the service.

We always use specialist finishing / polishing equipment after sanding resulting in enhanced appearance of your floor and the durability of the finish.

Brought back to their former glory using our specialist parquet sanding machines that allow us to achieve the finest finish possible, unobtainable using traditional sanding equipment.

Due to the nature of parquet floors the grain of the wood does not run the same and overlays can be thin, therefore our skilled team with specialist machines are best placed to give your parquet floor the restoration it deserves.

Require refinishing as old coatings wear and scratches or dents detract from their natural beauty.

We go that step further when sanding solid wood floors using the best sanding technology available resulting in virtually dust free sanding taken to the finest finish possible maximising the durability of coatings used.

Have a wood ware layer on the surface that must be treated with care when sanding to ensure the lifespan of the flooring is maximised.

We have invested in equipment and have acquired the skill required to achieve a superior finish while minimising the reduction in the thickness of the hardwood layer.

Also the appeal of natural materials has certainly assisted the growth of the solid wood flooring market.


As a result, the ease of availability and healthy competition has also made the product an affordable option for the majority of people.

The popularity of wood flooring has increased dramatically since laminate flooring burst onto the market some years ago.


Until fairly recently, solid wood floors were only seen in large traditional houses, stately homes and generally much older buildings.

Bamboo flooring could be one of the most resistant floors when it comes to fighting humidity. It is also capable of handling loads of traffic while at the same time providing a distinctive and minimalistic look, which adds warmth to any place.  

This type of flooring fits perfectly in environments that are highly transited. Due to its natural constitution, this type of floor also manages to keep warm during the winter season while remaining cool at summer.

Not one of the most common wood floors in the UK

Reclaimed wood is sourced and reclaimed from old buildings such as schools and factories which would other wise be burnt or land filled.

Recycle and reuse the old timber to create stunning floors domestically and commercially

What is it exactly about wood floors that make them so appealing?

Different types of wood flooring

Wood floors add a beauty and warmth to your rooms  

Floor Boards

Parquet Blocks

Solid Wood

Engineered Floors

Bamboo flooring

Reclaimed wood floors

Cork flooring

Has helped this floor covering earn unprecedented popularity  

naturel wood

That other types of floor coverings can scarcely match.

The warmth and rich character of wood flooring