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Why choose Acorn Floor Sanding

We are well aware of exactly what is involved in ensuring that not only do you benefit in labour saving and material cost, but you don’t have to worry about the ongoing performance of the products that we recommend.


We will only suggest those products whose effectiveness has been proved time and time again.

Unlike most others, we actually understand how and why different products work.


Because of this, we are perfectly positioned to help you – whether you need a a domestic floor or sanded and finished a commercial floor.

It is no coincidence that the vast majority of our clients go on to use us for many years!


Even if you don’t end up buying anything from us at all, we’re always happy to help answer any questions you have and will do our best to ensure you end up with the right products for your situation.

We Understand The Process

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your flooring, as our team will always be happy to offer you friendly, impartial advice.

Just email us at info@acornfloorsanding.com or give us a ring on 07 887 942 676.

Alternatively all you need to do is spend a few seconds filling in our contact form and we will call you back

We look forward to meeting you!

We’re Always Happy To Talk!

Here at Acorn Floor sanding, we recognise that no one wants to restore a wood floor only to see it start to fail in some way within a matter of months, which is why we are committed to providing materials and advice of the highest quality.

To strive to improve our products and services

To treat our customers with respect and provide prompt attention and sound advice whenever it is needed

To live up to our promises 100% of the time

To demonstrate our four core values at all times: honesty, reliability, sincerity and hard work

As a result, not only are our products extremely reliable and backed by sound technical advice.


Our goals are:

Acorn Floor Sanding has evolved, over the years from a French Polishing back ground.

We understand the value of beautiful wooden floors; how they enhance your home and add value to your property

We will reveal the real character of the wooden floor that’s been languishing under layers of paint and varnish or under a carpet

We are able to repair damaged blocks or boards, or if they are beyond repair they can be replaced with reclaimed or new boards carefully sourced to match your existing floor. 


Why should I use your company?

Whether in a small city- centre apartment, town house, a barn conversion or a country home

We offer a range of promises and guarantees

Giving you complete peace of mind in the knowledge

That your home will not be clouded in dust

Your furniture and possessions will be treated with care

And you will have floor that will be the envy of all who see it.


Get a FREE quote and FREE advice

From your local specialist in wood floor restoration

The Guaranteed way, to restore your wooden floor

Don't look down on your wood floors just because they're old and worn. 




Your existing wood floor can be the foundation, literally, of a fresh new decorating scheme, anywhere in your home, and in addition to saving time and money.



As our grandparents have always told us “you get what you pay for”….. 

What price quality when it comes to investing in restoring a wood floor

We will never have the lowest priced estimate but we are always happy to justify our prices and to back them


For centuries people have used wood floors throughout their homes to add warmth and charm.

Wood floors never seem to go out of fashion and wood flooring remains one of the best improvement investments you can make to add value to your homes.



Never out of fashion, wood floors add real value to your home, and, with proper maintenance, can last a lifetime.


Considering the beauty and durability of wood flooring, it can be an economical investment that you will love for a long time.


To Visit Acorn Floor Sanding Brand new Web site.

Simply click the link button

Restoration is ten percent inspiration, ninety percent perspiration.

Acorn has spent more than 35 years curating a diverse portfolio spanning high-end residential, retail, and commercial projects.

The focus is always on sanding and restoring wood floors that are sophisticated and refined.

Known for our creativity, high-end finishes and attention to detail, we are well regarded for highly tailored wood floor sanding and restoration.

Wood restoration is not necessarily a linear process; rather, a series of interactive tasks that can deliver numerous options as well as innovation.

Acorn s passionate about all facets of wood floor restoration and believes, our focus is to inspire our customers with a restored wood floor that goes beyond their expectations.

Utilising a strong individual approach throughout, we asses and define the wood floor, to create individual, innovative restoration methods.

The benefit for this approach is a consistent, professional and proven method across all disciplines of our wood floor sanding and floor restoration.

That creates livable restored wood floors for clients using subtle and understated palettes that still retain a certain level of sophistication and casual elegance.

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