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We wanted a machine that combined speed and efficiency with safety and we have not been disappointed.

Our machines are carefully chosen by us to provide the very best of the latest technology in floor restoring.


Because of our long experience in the business, we were able to make a well-informed choice

and we are delighted that our investment is paying dividends in the form of satisfied customers.

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Why don’t other floor sanding companies utilise these top of the line pieces of machinery and the wood finishing skills of a French polisher to sand and polish a wood floor, and quite often.


The answer is they don’t know how to correctly set and use these sanding machines and experienced french polisher are few and far between .  

Discover how The Perfect Process can transform your floor and sand it at least 20% flatter than the standard method of sanding & polishing alone.

Combining the latest machine technology with traditional French Polishing Skills to achieve the perfect process.


Our standard is to provide our clients with the highest quality craftsmanship and professional service in the business.

But it in the hands of less experienced company

Can fall a long way short of being anything special. 

Don't settle for half a job that is barely a pass.



Our expert knowledge of restoration and refinishing products combined with the highest standard of maintenance service, sets us apart from our competition.

We understand that there is no such thing as 100% Perfect. 

Perfection is something we constantly strive for in this imperfect world, and rarely see.


Whilst the Perfect Process may not make your imperfect floor, Perfect, it will take a huge leap in that direction.  

Also having invested an enormous amount of time and money ensuring we have the best equipment along with the wood finishing know-how to achieve "The Perfect Process”.

French Polishing still continues to impress

The demand for the skill of a french polisher has over the years seems to have faded with the introduction of cheap flat pack furniture and plastic veneers

If required we are able to utilise our extensive french polishing knowledge when restoring wooden floors.


If you have a wood floor that needs refurbishing or improving, then we recommend you take advantage of our free

No obligation survey and assessment.

We will accurately measure and assess the current condition, and make a detailed recommendation.

Please call us on 07 887 942 676 to reserve your free survey or simply click here.  

A question some clients have asked is?

At Acorn Floor Sanding, we do the full job. 

We sand & polish wood floors the way they are meant to be sanded & polished. 

All we wanted is to have our floor sanded and finished.

The first lot made an awful mess of the job and the second have just taken us for a £100 deposit, have not shown up and won't answer our calls!

We pride ourselves on using the most elite products and state of the art equipment the wood flooring industry has to offer.

We have experienced two rouge traders in succession.

We don't consider ourself naive and were shocked to have experienced this twice in quick succession!

(Extract from a recent television consumer programe about these type of tradesmen)

The Perfect Process for sanding and restoring wood floors combines

We know what's important to our customers

Avoid falling victim to the few rouge traders out there

A final thought

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We know-a good product when we see it.

We are genuinely delighted to be able to use this traditional craft to such good effect.  

Acorn Floor Sanding are qualified french polishers and experts in the fine art of wood finishing

A question some clients have asked is?

Using best  floor lacquers from the leading manufacturers we get the best result possible for your floor.

To get the most from your wooden floor you need help from the experts in the preparation and finishing. We are specialist on treating floors of all sizes in all types of locations.  

The latest machines  

+ Traditional French Polishing skills

+ Modern lacquers and finishes

= Beautiful Floors

What to do next

The perfect process.

See how good your floors can truly be with Acorn Floor Sanding Perfect Process.

The Standard way of Sanding a Floor may be acceptable

The perfect


starts here….

Using the same methods utilised by craftsmen hundreds of years ago,

If you had to put a number on what we do, well let's just say it would be in the very high nineties.

The beauty of wood is that it is natural

And maintaining that beauty takes effort.

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