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The Octi Disc floor sander with its innovative design features doesn't just

improve our floor sanding

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The key to beauty and durability of successful wood floor sanding begins with proper sanding techniques coupled with the latest technology

For example our high efficient Dust Containment System.


Floor surface finishes from the leading wood finish manufactures - surface finish means the lacquer lays on the surface of the floor and does not penetrate into the wood, offering maximum protection to the wood floor.


To achieve the maximum performance and longevity of a good quality finish, it is essential to have a smooth surface. To achieve this surface, proper sanding techniques must be followed. Cutting corners by skipping grits or sequences will speed up completion but will shorten the life and have a negative impact to the overall look of the finished floor.


One of the first steps in floor sanding is to flatten the floor and then subsequent sanding steps are required to remove previous sanding sequence scratches. Each step should be with a finer grit than the previous grit used. This ultimately will result in a smooth surface with no visible scratches leading to a finish application that will showcase the natural beauty of your wood floors and add protection unequaled in the industry.


Our sanding and finishing process uses “State of the Art” Dust Containment System, which is connected to each of our floor sanding machines. What this means for our clients is a clean home, a lack of airborne dust to contaminate the finish and a healthier working environment.



All of the leading wood floor professionals and flooring manufacturers.

This enables Acorn Floor Sanding to continually offer the very best materials, latest

techniques and most technologically advanced finishes in the world

There are exact and precise industry standards outlining proper sanding techniques.

Our commitment is to meet or exceed all industry guidelines and/or standards through participation in continuing education, an integral part of our mission.


This enables us to keep up with all of the latest techniques, materials and equipment and you, our client,



Now it is possible to turn old, worn wooden floor surfaces into stylishly and cleanly polished wooden floors that look like they’re right out of the shop.


The most practical method to conduct floor sanding is by using state-of-the art sanding machines.

The floor sanding machines used to carry out floor sanding have seen many advances over the years,

and the newest technologies allow for a virtually dust free floor sanding service to the customer.

Acorn Floor Sanding has become adept at assessing the condition of a wood flooring and choosing the appropriate course of restoration.

We routinely err on the side of being less aggressive in our restoration approach.

Our team has 40 years experience within the industry, and our motivated and skilled restoration teams are fully trained, technically competent.


Our commercial standards for wood floor sanding and restoration applies to all the work we do which includes residential contracts.


We operate within the highest Health & Safety standards to manage risk at every opportunity and are working with leading material manufacturers and suppliers to reduce the impact of our industries activities on the environment.

Because our reputation as the Number 1 wood floor company in the area has been largely gained by word of mouth

At Acorn Floor Sanding we know that to maintain that reputation takes a perfect job – every time.

Fortunately because we care about our customers and are passionate about wood flooring, this is not too difficult!

Acorn Floor Sanding guarantees all work for customer peace of mind and we are always delighted to offer a free evaluation of the current condition of your floor, along with a quotation.

We also understand the strict economic times in which we live and we promise never to charge more than we originally quote.

Choose the real wood flooring specialists and avoid unnecessary additional charges when it comes time to pay the invoice.


So you can contact us with confidence, knowing that we’ll give you the best advice and the best service with no pressure.

To arrange your visit and free, no-obligation quotation now please call us on 000 0000 0000 and let us show you how Acorn Floor Sanding can visibly enhance your floor.


Our Approach

A Detailed Estimate (may include different options you’re considering)

Overview of Scope of Work to be Completed

Timeline for the Entire Project

List of Project Expectations and Guidelines



We understand that schedules change and we ask that you do your best to communicate any changes

with us as soon as possible as well.

Preserving and extending the life of existing wood floors

Selection of the correct type of floor restoration, renovation and finish suitable for your site conditions is critical to the long term durability of your floor.


Working with leading manufacturers we offer a wide choice of finishes and the ability to sand and carry out a bespoke finish to your requirements.

We offer a complete professional service to our commercial

and domestic clients.

Techniques & Technology

We want you to know exactly what to expect as we begin to work together.


Communication and attention to detail are critical to keep you informed and to make sure your expectations are met.

That’s why we try to provide as much information as possible at the start of every project.

Using a traditional belt sander or drum sander., these types of machines always still leaving chatter, stall, or tool marks, and leaving divots


Here at Acorn Floor sanding, we know how difficult it is to properly sand any wood floor, especially engineered wood flooring – that’s why we use the Octi-Disc floor sander.

Instead of the old technology found in most of today’s belt sanders, drum sanders and orbital floor sander, our Octi-Disc system uses eight separate heads that all operate independently.

It takes floor sanding to another level

We have developed several passive refinishing strategies for wood floors.

Using the latest techniques,

Comprehensive Consultation

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The ultimate beneficiary.

Beautiful Floors

Get the best result possible for your floor

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We deal with the leading manufacturers:

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Sanding Process

For Quality Finishes

Its is possible to easily and efficiently clean and restore wooden floors in a great cost-efficient way.

Re finished by skilled craftsmen applying the highest quality product

We believe in quality in every step.

Here is a list of things to expect from us before the start of each project:

We strive to keep the lines of communication open.

Our active involvement in the Floor sanding industry

Allows us open access to