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Acorn Floor Sanding have been working in close partnership with local schools and other Education providers throughout the UK, over a period of nearly 35 years.

We are able to offer a full service from free-of-charge site surveys and product sampling to aftercare and provision of cleaning and maintenance instructions.


Acorn Floor Sanding have gained extensive experience in School Floor Sanding and finishing services for School classrooms & School gymnasiums. We have worked on a large number of School Floor Sanding projects and all our floor sanding services are delivered to the highest standards using the very best non-toxic floor sanding products.


Acorn Floor Sanding are, highly regarded School Floor Sanding company within the industry.

We are a flexible and reliable company and are happy to work during School Holiday periods, bank holidays and outside of normal working hours.

The page that Acorn Floor sanding have dedicated to School Floor Sanding and lacquering


Then it is you that has the task of sourcing a capable service provider - contractor,

to sand back and refinish the Classroom Floors, Corridors, School Hall Floors,

You will want to achieve the best possible results, as regards workmanship, highest quality products and value for money.

School floor sanding

Our experience with wood floor sanding and refinishing is vast,

particularly when it comes to School floors.

School life can really take its toll on a wooden floor.

During the winter it is used as a sports hall for various games and activities, and it also takes a scraping during lunch times and parents evenings with tables and chairs.

So, over time, it is not a surprise that the floor of your assembly hall starts to look a little worse for wear and no longer has that impressive shine it once did.

You may be considering a complete floor replacement when really all you need is for the floor to be sanded.

Along with maintaining the finished look, this could save you a huge amount of money in the long run so you will have more in the budget for school supplies.

It will also take far less time than replacing the entire floor so will cause as little disruption to the running of your school or college as possible.

Every day hundreds of pupils traipse in to the assembly hall.

Our school floor sanding service, which is designed to take even the most scratched of floors and restore them to top condition.

By using the latest low-dust equipment, we can sand your floor without causing a mess, and will work quickly and efficiently to help minimise disruption to school life.

Our professional team have extensive experience of sanding school floors, so you can feel confident that your flooring is in safe hands with Acorn Floor Sanding .


Our portfolio includes projects completed at schools located across the UK, and wherever your school is based

Acorn Floor Sanding can provide an effective solution

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Floor sanding can completely change the appearance of your school floor from drab to gleaming in a matter of hours.

First of all, our team of experts will clean the area to remove all of the dirt and grime that has built up over time and has been resistant to regular cleaning techniques.

We will then proceed with the sanding and reveal a floor that will look as if it is brand new.

We know that sanding could be the perfect solution to your dilemma.

Sanding your floor to reveal the beautiful layer from underneath the marks and dirt will also make it far more user friendly. Nobody wants to sit on a dingy looking floor and therefore the children will be far happier to come in to assemblies in the morning. Having less dirt and dents in the floor will also be an improvement from a safety point of view and people are less likely to trip or slip on the surface.

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