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Acorn Sanding have a heritage of floor sanding knowledge and are proud to retain the reputation and craftsmanship of our business.


We sand floors, finish them and maintain them, we are specialist in the field and not "jack of all trades" with over 30 ears of experience in the industry we have developed the skills and expert knowledge to give superior quality results every time.


Our machines are 99% dust free, we use state of the art specialist sanding equipment and all our machines are fitted with dust extractors, to prevent any dust in your home or business.

When it comes to your home or business do not take any risks

Wood floor sanding is done by professionals by doing the necessary repairs and polishing.


The finished product will be of high quality, making the floor look good

But they need special attention and care to keep it from damage

Existing or new wood, reclaimed wood, vintage floors

Rough sanding, paint stain removal & old finish removal

Progressive sanding to create smooth and level surfaces

Environmentally — Eco-friendly products

Finishing Choices —oil based Hard wax or water based

Refresh existing floors

Abrade to ensure adhesion

Staining & Coloring

Application of oil or water based stain

Custom colour mixing

Required expertise in blending into existing areas

Historic refurbishing

Old wood floor restoration

Refinish existing floors & new construction

Refinish engineered surfaces

Repair water damage areas

Splintered or cracked wood


Water-based Eco-friendly lacquers & Oil-based hard wax finishes

High gloss, gloss, semi gloss and satin sheens

Standard finish of 3 coats with upgrade available

Custom finishes

Carpet removal and disposal

Furniture moving and replacement

Specialty floors such as Parquet and Herringbone

Sub-floor installation

Consultant and Advisory — Commercial — Residential

Surface — nail or staple removal; setting nails as required

Plan for protection of furniture and belongings

Seal important areas such as cabinets and doorways

Discuss heat or cooling needs for job process

Special requests, entry procedures, occupancy needs

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Getting an expert to do his job will ensure that the work is done properly.

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Our Services

Whether you want that designer look of a contemporary floor or an aged rustic floor,

The full range of our expertise?

Revolutionary state-of-the-art technology:

DCS Dust Containment System

Collection & containment of air-borne wood dust

Safer & Cleaner — runs multiple machines at once

Industry leading patented Cyclonic System


Dustless Floor sanding

Sanding and Finishing

Screed and Coat

Refinish and Repairs

Finish and Coating

Speciality Services

Please don't be discouraged if your floor looks a bit worn or cut up as we can restore a wood floor to a very high standard and the sanding process takes the floor down a couple of mm.


To find out if your floor is good enough to sand, book an estimate and we can come out and talk to you in person, give you an accurate price and then it is up to you if you wish to go ahead with Acorn Floor Sanding. 


Wooden floors add beauty and value to your home.

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