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The best way for us to give you, and your floors,

an accurate assessment is to come to your home (free of charge) to have a look at the floors, discuss options with you, and  provide a detailed estimate



We are experts in handling all customer service needs including (but not limited to): Setting up your free estimate, Scheduling work after your free estimate and answering any questions you may have.

And with the combined experience totaling over a 45 years,

we can field just about any question you may have!

If you are clear on what you want

An efficient way to work out the accurate size of your floor area

in square metres.

To work out the rough size of you rooms area in square metres simply multiply the length of the room by the depth.

When we come we will measure the exact surface area rather than the widest points, and therefore provide you with an accurate quotation based on the actual floor space you have !

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We can speed up the process

By giving you brief instructions on how to measure the area yourself, so you can get an idea of pricing etc. straight away !

e.g. home e-mail address if original e-mail sent at work be sure to check your firewall or spam folders if we are trying to send you pictures in return.

Preferable in all cases, incase there is a problem with e-mail and essential for checking whether you have received my e-mail.


But not required for an initial estimate although seeing a photo or two can be very helpful, the more information we receive the more accurate the estimate.


Close up photos of any obvious repairs and of the wood itself are handy for wood age identification, species identification and a wider angle shot handy to see the logistics of the room, area and give an idea of the space, ambience can help.

Thank you for completing our Online quote request form.

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We will then e mail you a comprehensive quote based on the information provided

Detailing the cost, the process, the materials to be used and any further relevent details.

We'll be able to get back to you quicker if we know where you are, so remember to include your postcode.


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We also have experts who can answer your flooring questions.

Fill in this easy quote form below and we'll email you a quote.

No pressure, no obligation! It only takes a matter of minutes to fill out our easy online form for a quick and easy quote.

Approximate size of rooms preferably in meters.  

Don't worry if you are unsure, your best guess will be fine.

Photographs - Can be very helpful

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