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These types of machines always leave chatter, stall and tool marks

Constantly having to feather out marks left behind by floor edger's

Hand sanding between coats.

Struggling with refinishing Parquet flooring and Engineered floors.


 The Ultimate Wood Floor Sanding Solution.

As well as edging to within 3mm of the wall.

Add screens or buffer pads  to the machine and you now have a high speed

Dust Free Buffer!

Ideal for cutting back and de nibbing coats between.

It is an amazing, safe, easy to use for commercial and domestic wood floor sanding,

The patented Octi-Disc Technology makes it three machines in one!

1. A Floor sander

2. A Floor Edger

2. A Floor Buffer

Or that it delivers the best finish, or that a wood floor can quite often be completed quicker, or that it doesn’t matter which direction you run on parquet floors or engineered floors,

Combining Octi-Disc floor sander with the our DCS Dust Containment System delivers a near 97%

dust and allergen free environment.

Part of a complete range of floor sanders now available in the UK.

That’s why we use the Octi-Disc floor sander.

A brand new kind of machine that works wonders on sanding a wood floor.

Instead of the old technology found in most of today’s belt sanders, drum sanders and edger's

Now extensively used in the domestic floor sanding market.

It has answered the challenge of delivering a new and superior floor sanding solution for commercial and domestic floor sanding contractors.

No –

One of the best features about a Octi-Disc floor sander is that we can finish a customer’s floor —

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Our machines are carefully chosen by us to provide the very best of the latest technology in floor restoring.

Because of our long experience in the business, we were able to make a well-informed choice and we are delighted that our investment is paying dividends in the form of satisfied customers.

Why is the Octi-Disc floor sander so effective on wood floors?

Our Octi Disc machine is everything we would have wished.

An edger machine, it works without scuffing or damaging paintwork and, importantly, it is 100% dust free –

guaranteed! Restoring flooring has never been so satisfying.

What makes the Octi Disc sander so unique?

Initially developed to meet the demanding needs of commercial wood floor sanding

One of the best features about the Octi-Disc floor sander is not that -

The Octi-Disc floor sander answers the challenge of delivering a superior solution for the

perfect sanded floor.

We think we're onto a winner.

If you have a wooden or parquet floor in need of restoring, let us show you how it can perform in your property.

We can restore any floor from a nightclub to a library; or from a restaurant to a college – and anything in between

And we have not been disappointed.

The patented Octi-Disc Technology makes it suitable for any wood floor.

Octi Disc Floor sander

We wanted a machine that combined speed and efficiency with safety

The Octi-Disc floor sander are very fast and agile, and will remove wood, coatings, carpet glue,

paint, tongue oil, staples, paint and just about any coating on a wood floor.

Oioneering design and the use of diamond abrasive tools for refinishing wood floors.

Also available is the unique  sandpaperless system of diamond abrasive tooling and custom screens;

that means we can complete hundreds of square feet of wood floors without using sandpaper.

This machine is designed to be a planer.

Belt and drum sanders cause divots, stall marks and chatter marks and are difficult to operate.

Edgers can be a nightmare to run and are usually dust proof and is labor intensive.

We found the Octi Disc floor sander ticked all the right boxes

The ultimate floor sanding combination

Combining Octi-Disc floor sander with the

DCS Dust Containment System



Has answered the challenge of delivering a new and superior solution to frustrated wood floor sanding contractors.







The Octi Disc sander delivers results that are unattainable from today’s comparable belt and drum sanders.




Using traditional belt sander or drum sander and edgers

It gets to within 3mm of the wall,




It takes floor sanding to another level

Hire sander

Most floor sanding companies use the technology

they understand