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Our estimate service for floor sanding is FREE, with no obligation. 

We aim to inspect all floors within 3 days of a request for an estimate.

We aim to complete all work within 2 weeks.

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hrs.

Are you ready for an estimate?

Best Quote Guarantee!!!

We realise the estimate process is an important part of the decision making process,

both for you, as an information gathering exercise, and for us,

in order for us to accurately gauge your needs and requirements.

We believe it is important for you to be aware of exactly what is involved in sanding a floor.

We will tell you exactly what to expect and how it is to be done.

We will not tell you something works, sell it to you, then let you discover that it doesn’t work.

We will make you aware of all costs that are involved at the outset.

Buying a floor sanding service is not like buying a washing machine.


All services were not created equal -

For example, we are often asked to put right a floor which has been sanded incorrectly.


We will provide you with all the information you need to compare a professional floor sanding service so that you know you are getting value for money.

We are often able to tailor a price to your budget by changing the specification.

When we meet we will inspect your floors and discuss all the elements involved in the renovation process.

As we move through this we are able to understand exactly what you require and how to deliver it.

Acorn floor sanding vast experience in the industry have improved our

skills and efficiency and we are careful in every situation and case.

We understand that “Result is mirror of preparation“

so we spend more time to have quality finish.


We perform every job by ourselves applying

The Perfect process from the beginning to the end.

It makes us more responsible and you will definitely see the difference

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Choosing the Right company

The costs of any project depends on several factors -

and we take these into account when giving you a final quote.


For example, the number of rooms to be restored will affect the costs per square metre -

The total cost can be reduced when more than one room is treated.


The condition of the floor will also determine the amount of preparation time required -

The poorer the floor condition, the greater the increase in price.  


Clear Job Specification

Although we can give you an idea of the scope of your work over the phone, we like to meet

with all new clients in order to inspect the floors and be able to issue accurate written estimates.


Acorn Floor Sanding provide a complete wood floor sanding and restoration service.

We would always recommend that you choose the whole package provided by experts.

The most important part of your floor sanding project.

We want our clients to get the best value.

Please consider the following as a guidelines.  

Making the right choice!


Bear in mind:

A Basis for Comparison, Value for Money?

We do not charge for estimates!

Acorn Floor Sanding always offer professional quality service because

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Choosing the Right company

The first step in the process of renovating your wooden floors will be

To choose a company with whom you want to work.