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The floors had been neglected over time and did not suit the grand interior style of these rooms spoiling the sunlit ambience.


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Acorn Floor Sanding perfect process for floor renovation includes an on-site assessment


Acorn floor sanding employs traditional conservation techniques and the skills of dedicated conservation craftsmen to complete repairs and restoration on these demanding wood floors.  

The Orchid and Rose rooms which make up the drawing room suite.

still looks impressive, with the fantastic views over the gardens

and the beautiful painted ceilings.

The house is one of the most important to have survived from the period and reflects the enormous wealth amassed by John Cory over 100 years ago.


The three-storey mansion was built by coal tycoon

John Cory in 1893

This cleaning process exposed what appeared to be the faded outline of a family crest in the centre of the floor (fig-1), approximately 2m in diameter, work was immediatley stopped.



We had to consult with the National Trust to establish the importance of this discovery and how we would proceed with the restoration work,


At the house entrance is the dramatic Great Hall.

This floor showed years of ware and use, the wood patina and colour had changed and mellowed over the years, but needed reviving


The architect had speceified that the original colour and patina needed to be retained in keeping with the building original integrity so traditional floor sanding was not an option for this floor restoration


Being able to utilise our French polishing skills to restore and enhance the existing colour and finishing prior to finishing the floor with a traditional floor oil.

Dyffryn House has in the past been used by television companies for location filming and one of these companies had stuck this crest to the floor during filming.


When removing the crest the original finish had been partialy removed, leaving the faded outline of the crest on the floor.

This is what we had discovered.    


We were informed that the National trust were aware of this crest

in the centre of the great hall.


To touch out all the crest imagery that was visible on the floor and blend the colours and finish.

To complete this very technical repair Acorn Floor sanding were able to apply our french polishing skills to remove all traces of the crest and gently blend the colours to match the floor original patina.

Using our French polishing skills to carefully blend the repair with the rest of the floor by applying layers of semi translucent colours over the top,

this is a very artistic job and if done well can make the repair almost invisible.


We make up all our own colours from our palette of traditional pigments and dyes

The way artists and French polishers have been doing for hundreds of years.

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With a wooden vaulted ceiling and huge stain glass window, the room was used as a drawing room.

In the window is an image of Queen Elizabeth I delivering her famous speech to troops at Tilbury,

the night before the invasion of the Spanish Armada. This portrait was commissioned by John Cory.  

Providing a tantalising foretaste of what they will be like when the restoration is complete.

Before we were able to begin the process of re finishing the floors

We had to carefully inspected the floors, undertaking any repairs fix loose timbers, splits and any visible surface danage, prior to sanding the floors.


Here we were had to carefully sand the floors back to fresh timber

removing all imperfections, dents and scratches.


Both modern and traditional repair methods and materials are used where appropriate and other french polishing techniques were also used to a high and exacting standard to ensure the integrity of the original wood floors.  

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The house near St Nicholas was closed to the public since 1996

Each of the floors required a different restoration process

The Great hall

As part of the restoration process we had to clean the floor prior to commencing the restoration work

We now had to not only restore the floors original finish

Utilising our French Polishing expertise

We are one of the few Floor Sanding companies who can offer this skilled restoration service.

The end result ia a floor restored to its original condition and the repaired area is completely invisible. The perfect process

The Orchid and

Rose rooms

The beauty and splendour of these rooms was already apparent

Expert craftsmen and researchers were brought in to ensure restoration of the Grade II - listed house, designed in the late-Victorian period in French Renaissance and English Baroque styles, is authentic.


Building work has been going on to improve the house interiors following the failed plans to convert the building into a luxury hotel during the 1990s.

The £1.4 million renovation project aims to transform one of South Wales most historic properties into a major tourist attraction.


It follows a £1m-plus facelift of the building’s exterior, including a new roof, plus a revamp of the Grade I listed gardens, as part of a £6m-plus Heritage Lottery-supported project.


Five of the 52 rooms are to be be restored

Acorn floor Sanding were contracted to restore and renovate five floors in Dyffryn house.

Dyffryn House

Reopened to visitors in March 2013.  

Our approach to restoring these floors was completely different to the floors in the Great hall.

This attention to detail and meticulous methods of repair have led to Acorn floor sanding unrivalled reputation for successfully retaining the integrity of many neglected wood floors in buildings.

Duffryn house entrance

Dyffryn House, St Nicholas, The Vale of Glamorgan