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It was better than no collection but it was still very messy, not healthy and left a lot to be desired

it is highly recommended that every precautionary measure be taken.


The airborne dust created during sanding creates the potential for poor air quality as it is circulated throughout the house,


escalating the dangers of the homeowner breathing it in, or having to deal with the nightmare of cleaning it up. 

Sanding wood floors has always been dusty business.

The Dust combined with toxic chemicals from old floor finish can

get into everything and take years to get rid of.


More importantly, health issues such as breathing problems

and allergies - especially in children.

Quite simply dust bags used with floor sanders to collect the dust don't work so we got rid of them  In place of a cloth bag,




We use a super efficient DCS Dust Containment System that we attach to our sanding machine

Why deal with all the dust and mess of traditional floor sanding?

We provide you a cleaner, healthier refinishing process without the mess.

But they all have the same problem

Having to use a cloth or paper bag to collect and filter the fine sanded dust.

These bags are messy and don't hold much material.

This requires the operator to empty the bag many times during the job.


Because the bags are the only source of dust collection and filtratio

The air flow through the bag will always contain particles of dust.

The problem is compounded as the bag fills with material,

It becomes a smaller less efficent dust filter.

When the bag fills with wood dust and it will not take long to fill these bags

Air flow from the sander drops off because there is nowhere for the air or the dust to go

The dust blows through the fabric of the bag into the working area


The bag is the only source of filtration,

The problem is compounded because as the bag fills with material,

it becomes a smaller "filter". 


This is responsible for more dust being left behind or becoming airbourne as the bag fills.

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There are a lot of wood floor refinishing contractors out there claiming to have dust free wood refinishing systems.


Most of them have only one floor sanding machine connected to a cloth bag or a vacuum cleaner,

not a Dust Containment System.


From effective dust containment, to low-VOC waterborne finishes without harmful fumes

Rather than the old cloth bag option

Taking a "something is better

than nothing" attitude.

You can rest assured that Acorn Floor Sanding will get the job done

Traditionally, dust collection for floor sanders consisted

of attaching a cloth bag to the sanding machine.

Floor sanders are available in a range of desgins with different uses.  

In the past, sanding wood floors was a mess.


Clouds of dust and other toxic materials would be put into the air within your home.

Right the first time.

Simple but completely inefficent

Any serious professional floor sanding company should use the DCS system

Whilst many companies may claim that their sanding machines are dust free - 

In reality they ARE NOT

Home  owners want a dust-free environment for obvious reasons  

Dustless Floor Sanding

The dust from the sanding operation is blown into the bag.

Still shockingly used by many floor sanding and floor sander hire companies.

No Sanding Machine currently in the market place today is totally Dust Free

How the traditional cloth bag sanding is supposed to work    

An outdated dust collection method using technology over 70 years old

One of the biggest concerns that faces the homeowner is

The matter of - Dust