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You may think you will be saving money but this is a false economy as it’s never dust free. You will also need to hire 3 or 4 machines for the edges and corners etc and it will take 2-3 times longer to achieve a far inferior finish.


Don’t forget that the listed hire price does not include sanding belts and disks which you will use plenty of due to the lack of power these machine have. If you do it yourself, in most instances, you will save just £50 - £80 and will have spent an unpleasant, dusty few days to achieve results you will be unhappy with.

Also include the cost of sealer/lacquer in the quote whereas you will have to purchase this without the benefit of any trade discount.

You can expect to pay about £60 for a 5ltr container and you will have plenty of wastage.


We have lost count of the number of times I have been called to 'finish' a floor where someone has hired the equipment themselves and given up half way through or has been unhappy with the 'chatter marks' (these are gauges or ripples where the equipment has been unable to 'cut' the floor and 'bounces' leaving unsightly marks) left by the inferior equipment.

However, if you’re bound and determined to do your own sanding,

You might also want to write down the phone number of a good flooring contractor for sanding wood floors and place it next to your phone – just in case you need it.

Do you have 

Sufficient knowledge in selecting the correct sanding equipment appropriate to your floor boards?


Do you have

Prior experience in the correct use of the sanding equipment that will not result in permanently damaging the floor?


Do you know 

For certain that you will select the most suitable floor finish appropriate both to your own needs and to the flooring type?

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It's Hard work using a hire sander with a bag collecting the dust

Be prepared for the dust, also, make sure to wear a quality dust mask and protective clothing.

Dispose of the sawdust outside as it can be very flammable.

We still finding wood dust in places! it has made us a little DIY shy...

as what appears to be a simple task can end up being a lot more complicated!

The process included sanding with the big sander, then with the hand-held edger, then vacuuming the wood dust. Repeat this 3 times with different grain size of sanding.

Next came filling in and cracks and nail holes, then the seal.

We decided against staining since we really liked the colour of the wood.

Refinishing a floor is a tough project. But there are different ways to tackle this project.

It took me and my wife two weeks between preparation, sanding and finishing (working only at night and on weekends).

I'd recommend consulting with a professional and weighing the costs associated with doing it yourself and hiring a professional.

Our entire house is upside down, cooking is a bit tricky, my muscles are aching in spots I have never felt before,

there is dust everywhere (you just can’t help it) and life is basically cluttered and cramped.

Saying this, I actually really wanted to give this a go myself and not hire a professional.

Was I mad? Floors are such an important element to any room.

You don’t realise until you attempt to do something major to them.

Figuring out how to attach the vacuum bag, fit it with a sandpaper disc (started with 36-grit), and plugging it in,

I lifted it off the floor and threw the switch,

fervently hoping that it would not upon making contact with the floor fling me right out the window and proceed to demolish the entire house.

After awkwardly maneuvering the machine randomly around over an approximately 6’ x 6’ area of the newly exposed wood floor,

I turned off the sander and stepped back to have a look.  

The sight that met my horrified gaze was a patch work of heavy sanding marks and uneven sanded areas and dust.

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Nobody we know that has sanded their own floors

Will EVER do it again.

Please do not consider hiring floor sanding equipment and doing the job yourself.

What is the best choice for sanding wooden floors?

Some say that sanding should be left to a professional

Sanding wood requires specialised tools that most homeowners don’t have and while you may be able to rent them –

You can’t rent the experience and knowledge required to operate them in fashion that doesn’t -

The equipment from the hire shops is not the same as the equipment used by professionals.

Costly hire equipment, unnecessary dust, uncomfortable and hard work all for an unknown result.

Unfortunately the finished results rarely live up to expectations and sometimes the boards can be irretrievable damaged due to poor sanding techniques.

Permenantly damage your wood floors.

DIY or Hire a Contractor

Sanding a floor yourself will involve

Before embarking on a project of this nature

The DIY Experience

We refinished my wood floor using a hired floor sander, and to be honest:

We hired a big sander and a hand-held one for the edges.

This is not for the faint hearted, a dirty, tiring and lengthy process.

After wrangling the unwieldy machine out of the car,

So you have decided you want to sand your floor

Take a Deep Breath and Get Ready to Sand

Ask a few questions of your own capabilities:

But it’s not too late to call a contractor for the job.

Before sanding wood floors on your own.

Consider carefully your decision