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If you have not thought about this, don't worry as we are here to guide you through your floor sanding experience


We have the answers to any questions you may have and are happy to give advice if you need it.  

Like what finish or the colour you would like your floor to have.

Always use the best possible floor lacquers you can afford

and avoid cheap DIY sealers from retail outlets.

Whether you require a new finish for your restaurant or shop floor, or a solution more tailored to domestics needs, we can select the solution most suitable for your project.


In addition to domestic and commercial dwellings, we can also offer, traditional, re-finishing methods for existing antique floors.

As Acorn Floor sanding has evolved, we have realised that one size does not fit all. 


The needs and desires of our clients are as varied as they can be. 


To some clients durability is most important, while vibrant colour is what someone else is looking for. 


And others still want something else. 


We provide customers with industry leading technology, application expertise and finish design.


Our expert knowledge of restoration and refinishing products combined with the highest standard of service, sets us apart from our competition.


Our approach to wood floor refinishing relies as well on using the leading name in wood floor restoration machinery.

Also our range of floor finishes including water-based single component clear lacquers and hard wax oils designed for both commercial and domestic floors

But in professional terms, varnish is only one type of wood floor lacquer.

We prefer to use the word 'lacquer' for the finishing coat material,

Using carefully selected materials and methods, we can help keep your floor in fine condition whilst enhancing and maintaining the patina created by many years of use.

They are attractive and hard wearing, and over the years have been the most popular finish for wood floors.

This is a relatively hard, smooth surface coating.


A good quality wood floor will have several layers of hard lacquer applied to it which will be extremely resistant to fluids and scratches and will require minimal maintenance whilst looking fantastic.


The lacquer applied will normally have either a matt sheen, or a more shiny, satin finish.

The matt lacquer gives the same impression as an oiled floor but has the added benefits of the reduced maintenance required from a lacquered floor.

If your require any of our services or just need a little more information on the services we provide, then why not give us a call, or use the Contact form to send us an email message. 

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Finding a finish system that gives consistently beautiful results -  

We are able to offer a full

and harmonised system

based on water

Allowing you to create a look that's unique to your home or business - and guaranteed to last.

Please don't try and save money in this area of your floor restoration.

Although one finish will never meet the needs of all of our clients

With a passion for creating that perfect finish, we're here to help you find the right floor finish and colour to suit, your needs and your style.

Choosing the right finish

We feel confident we can help you choose the one that is just right for you.

A cheap varnish (B&Q, Wickes or Homebase) all have a low solid content and will result in greater expense due to the need for frequent re-sands.

Applying cheap products can leave an orange peel effect and colour that can look terrible in natural daylight.

The professional choice for the ultimate finish - Junckers

Wood floors can be coated with a choice of finishes

A lacquered floor is an easy maintenance, everyday floor.

When lacquer starts to lose its sheen, it is a very easy task to apply a scred & coat – this revives a scratched and dull surface giving a newly finished look and continued protection against wear.

Oils for wood floors are very fluid.

They penetrate the wood and protect it against stains and marking, offering a non-filmogenic finish (meaning that it is not limited to the surface of the wood).


In keeping with lacquered floors, good quality oiled floors will have several layers of oil applied.

Superficial scratches can be removed by sanding the affected area and applying maintenance oil.


To maintain the surface protection, oiled floors should be thoroughly cleaned and re-oiled every year or so with a good quality maintenance oil.

An oiled floor offers tactile, softer protection.

Both lacquered and oiled floors should be vacuumed regularly or swept with a soft broom, and we recommend that they be cleaned on a regular basis.

We feel confident we can help you choose the one that is just right for you.

Is a very valuable thing

Finding a company that can consistently apply that finish

Is priceless

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Some people might call this wood floor varnish

Whilst maintaining a practical and maintainable finish.

Having decided you want get your floor sanded

You now have choices to make

We recommend that your lacquered floor be cleaned on a regular basis.