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Kick off your shoes

As soon as you walk in the door


By all types of customers who in turn recommend us to others.

This is something that has helped our small company to grow with 65% of

our work coming from referrals and word of mouth from existing customers.

One based in Cardiff that covers South Wales and the West Country.


The other branch is based in Bournemouth

covering the South Coast and the West Country


Both branches are able to provide a professional

floor sanding service across these areas

Acorn Floor Sanding does not ask for a down payment nor do we ask for a deposit.

We only ask that you settle promptly once you are 100% happy. In essence this is our guarantee,

Making Acorn Floor Sanding the best value floor sanding company in the UK.

Refinishing, Sanding, Buffing, Water Damage Repair and Restoration of wood floors.

From the initial estimate, to the timely completion of your project, we actively and personally supervise each and every job.

We sincerely care about our customer's wood flooring needs and we are committed to your satisfaction.


This means when faced with a complicated floor restoration

We know exactly how to deal with it,

Also what works on your particular floor and what doesn't.

Gradually our experience and knowledge has expanded as we have

sanded and restored floors for many clients including.

The Hilton Hotel

The Royal Hotel

The Park Plaza  

The BBC Casualty

Merthyr Tydfil Town Hall Renovation

Dyffryn House (Dyffryn Gardens)

Free Call back

No frills,

No nonsense,

No unnecessary extras.

Just dependable high quality service….and exceptional value for money

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To discuss your needs and arrange a viewing of floors

Value needn't mean gambling on quality.

We offer you all services related to your wood floor - highly professional

We keep our costs down and our prices keen

by concentrating on delivering exactly what you want.

Price is not forcibly one of them!

The quality of the finishing or sanding itself and the quality of the coatings applied to preserve the finished floor

Areas we cover

Acorn Floor Sanding operate from two branches

They tend to be the minority though.

They also tend to be a little more expensive than

the average company.

They are also the busiest which makes them harder to find

+ We do not try to beat competitors with price.

+  We are more concerned with quality work and that takes time.

+  We use better quality expensive materials

+ We offer a very professional service.

+  We restore the original beauty of your wood floor

Why wait? Give us a call ............ Tel 07 887 942 676

With decades of experience restoring wood floors

And floor sanding is no different.

How do you define value when it comes to having a wood floor refinished?  

But more importantly peoples houses

How is real value defined? Two main areas.

We have evolved a unique system to achieve the best

results for your floor

We sand floors, finish them and maintain them, we are specialist in the field and not "jack of all trades"

With over 30 ears of experience in the industry we have developed the skills and expert knowledge to give superior quality results every time.

We are experienced and trained professionals in every aspect of

True Craftsman

About us

Consistently sanding floors to the highest quality gets you noticed

In every trade there exist trustworthy experienced company

French Polishing skills expanding far beyond floor restoration

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You're going to love the look

of your restored wood floors.

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