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“Not everything was in writing and we had nothing to go on when things went wrong. We were being billed for additional work we thought or just assumed were included in the original estimate. The floor refinisher thought otherwise. In the end we were so upset that we hired another contractor to come in and complete the project.

What is worse is that we are still wrangling with the first contractor.”



A very detailed and well written estimate is often a sign of a competent contractor.

In order to assist you in making wise choices when having your wood floors refinished

We have compiled the '10 Most Common Regrets'

expressed by homeowners and contractors who have had their floors restored over the years.

In the most hassle free way possible.

“On the quote to have our floors restored they offered us three finish options. We went for the best price which of course was the first option.

Time has flown by and five years later we are seeing areas where the finish has worn through.

At this point we see that we would have saved money by choosing the highest quality finish in the first place.

Now I cannot simply think of moving out again and having the floors done properly. It's not about the money anymore, it's about the inconvenience.”



Higher quality finish systems are where the real value resides.

“The quality of repairs and refinishing was lacking, and unfortunately in that we were rushed, we did not notice the many imperfections left behind as a result of the finishing process. When we notified our floor refinisher of the issues we received no response to our grievances.”


Lesson: -

Seriously consider the higher priced quotes. We often get what we pay for.

“We thought that the cost of the proposed repairs for our project was high. I asked my father-in-law (who is a tradesman) to come and look at the damaged areas of the floor and he thought that they would most likely sand out and not be that evident once all was refinished. The wood floor contractor insisted otherwise, but we didn't listen to him. He reluctantly went ahead with the refinishing. The floor company was right - now the damaged areas seem even more visible compared to the newly refinished wood surrounding it.

When we asked the floor sanding company if he could now go back, repair and refinish only the damaged areas, they said that the whole job would virtually have to be redone, thus doubling our cost!

We should have trusted him. He was right and not my father-in-law who is a plumber.”



The finished result justifies the cost of repairs.

“My wife thought that the living room didn't need refinishing, that only the dining room and hallways did. Well that was a mistake. It became quite obvious now that the hall and dining areas are beautiful – like new, and the living room is old and yellowed.

We should have had all our wood floors done. Now who knows when we will have the rest done? Probably never.”



Better to have the complete area done if at all possible all at the same time.

“I didn’t think it would be as bad as it was. What a mess! It took weeks to get rid of all the dust—

it was everywhere and in everything. A couple of hundred pounds would have saved me all that work and washing.



Insist the Floor Sanding company use a dustless system such as the DCS dust containment unit.

“Budget restraints and the belief that only two coats of finish would be sufficient held us back from doing more.

It has now been four years and the finish has worn through right down the wood in the high traffic areas. I don't know, maybe it was the quality of the finish.

Anyway we had another wood floor company look at it and he said that we would have to re-sand the entire area before applying more finish.

This would cost as much as the first job! On the original ‘Estimate’ we were quoted £125.00 for an additional coat of finish.

And it would have easily added another 5 years of wear life to the floor.



A minimum of four coats should be applied to any floor for long life.

We put off the refinishing or our wood floors for several years. They really needed a restoration. We wrongly thought that we would do so when the kids left home. The reason being that the new finish would wear out when our wood floor contractor assured us that we could apply a high quality long lasting finish, one that can stand up to an active family and pets, we jumped at the chance.



Industrial quality floor finishes can and do stand up to an active lifestyle for many years.

“Our time line was so tight that we only had a 48 hour window allotted for all the wood work. We had extensive repairs and a lot square footage to refinish. The removal van was due to arrive Thursday and the wood floor contractor was forced to begin Tuesday morning.”“He did his best. We can now see how things were done far too hastily. We assured him that it was not his fault and he was good about it. We were not able to apply the proper number of coats and now the finish is showing signs of failure in some areas. Due to time constraints too we were not able to have all the repairs done. Now we have carpets strategically placed to hide the areas that were refinished but not repaired.



Allot sufficient time for the restoration of your floors.

“We neglected to protect our floors after they were beautifully done. We should have put felt pads on the bottom of the chairs and furnishings. Now we see that the dining room floor is all dimpled.



Protecting your floors with either felt or pads applied to the legs of all furnishings is a must.

Floor sanding regrets

We hope this has been of some assistance to you.

So you don’t have to have your own list

This should enable you to make confident, educated decisions

You can profit from their collective wisdom and experiences.

These homeowners have learned valuable lessons.

1 - We should have… Not accepted the lowest quote.

2 - We should have… Insisted on a detailed, written estimate.

3 - We should have… Chosen the better quality finish system

4 - We should have… Repaired and replaced the damaged areas, rather than hope they would sand out.

5 - We should have…  Refinished the entire floor, not just a portion

6 - We should have…  Asked for the dustless system.

7 - We should have…  Had more coats of finish applied.

8 - We should have…  Protected our floors after they were beautifully done.

9 - We should have…  Had my floors restored sooner!

10 - We should have… Allowed more time for the repair and refinishing process.

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