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Floor sanding is a method of sanding the floor surfaces made of woods.

The floors are subjected to sanding by different abrasive materials.

We offer the perfect process that requires highly professional floor sanding contractor to take care of your floor.

Involves hope that the original beauty and functionality of the floor can be restored.

Acorn Floor Sanding web site is a hub for people to discover all about wood floor restoration.

We offer a full renovation service – whether that’s just a sanding and lacquering or a more thorough restoration involving replacing damaged sections or lifting and relaying entire floors to renew old fixings and adhesives.

We will lovingly restore your floor to its former glory and give it a new, long lasting finish.

Restoring a wood floor is absolutely more of a ‘joy’ than a ‘job’!




Acorn Floor Sanding’s work is the product of a deep understanding of wood as a chosen materials and a desire to explore its many possibilities.

Our creative approach allows us to think outside of the box and push the boundaries of wood floor restoration to the limit, primarily, although not exclusively, wood repair restoration and finishing. It demands that we stay true to traditional methods, where we have worked tirelessly to hone our craft, specialist skills and technical knowledge – whilst striving to do so with an open mind and ambitious outlook.


Our restoration work can be described as ‘being led by a core desire to challenge and innovate, but with form and function always at the fore.

We perceive both beauty and usefulness in equal parts when sanding and restoring wood floors developing our ideas into thought-provoking, fluid and tactile forms.

One of our principal aims is to challenge our understanding of what is possible, which we achieve through our creative aptitude and ability to restore and preserve wood.


Our wood floor sanding services speak for itself. Consistently the highest quality craftsmanship in our industry.

Always preserving just, the right amount of character.

Not the cheapest floor sanding you could buy... but, we believe there are many different measures of value in wood floor restoration services, and, that all the factors should be considered before sanding and restoring a wood floor.  

We urge you to ask us any questions you might have regarding sanding and restoring a wood floor -

We're always happy to discuss our processes and what makes us and our floor sanding and restoration special.



We have been setting the standard of wood floor sanding and restoration in Swansea since 1981.

What sets Acorn Floor Sanding aside from the competition is quality: the quality of both the advice that we give and of the products that we use to make your dream floor a reality.

Our expertise, and profound wealth of knowledge extends to all aspects of the business.


We offer exceptional value for money solutions for wood floor sanding and restoration.

Restoration is an integral pre-requisite to the finishing process. Experience and the right machines ensure wood floors are sanded with precision and care to achieve a beautiful even finish.

Finishes can be customised to enhance the beauty of any woodr surface, add individual style and complement any colour concept.

Our attention to detail and unique artistic and efficient approach set us apart from our competition.

We look beyond aesthetics and pursue a philosophy of reclaiming and reintegrating with an element of the unexpected






We believe in an inclusive approach to wood restoration, with a twist of the unexpected and a dash of the exceptional.

Our challenge as a wood restoration business was to harmonise traditional wood restoration heritage with the use of modern durable wood finishing products.

But the products are not the only thing that customers will experience; “Acorn Floor Sanding will educate, support and guide the customer to a better understanding of wood floor restoration.”

We want to demystify wood floor sanding and restoration and highlight how accessible creating a beautiful wood floor can be and not with the perceived price tag.  

We want our clients to not only be surprised, but to experience the whole potential of wood restoration rather than just sand and varnish a wood floor.

For Acorn Floor Sanding, this means enhancing the natural raw-like quality of a wood surface.

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You almost forget that it’s there.

Restored wood floors offers elegant, natural flooring options  

That it’s been part of your life for so long.

 Complimenting your furniture, decoration or mood 

Your wood floor.

A long-lasting investment that offers timeless style 

Always there, but barely noticed.

Wood’s inherent benefits include natural appearance and durability 



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Recognised within the industry for achieving excellence with innovation and craftsmanship



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Our expertise in finishes lies in our experience, vision and flexibility that allow us to work off more than just a standard list of offerings.

Acorn Floor Sanding takes the calibre of their floors seriously.

A superior floor can only be achieved with superior products and machinery.

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We want our customers to think of us as a flooring company that they can really trust. We have worked on thousands of floors over the years and built up a wealth of expertise across our team.

While it’s fair to say that when it comes to wood floors we’ve seen it all, we treat every job on its merits and aim to deliver a solution to suit your particular tastes and specifications.

We are keen to recommend what’s best for you and your floor, not just what’s easiest for us.



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Welcome to Acorn Floor Sanding Swansea

Wood floor sanding and restoration can be complicated and need a comprehensive approach, making the service of expert’s indispensable.



Copyright © 2009 Acorn Floor Sanding. All Rights Reserved.

You almost forget that it’s there.

Restored wood floor can offer an elegant, natural flooring options  

That it’s been part of your life for so long.

Complimenting your furniture, decoration or mood 

Your wood floor.

A long-lasting investment that offers timeless style

Always there, but barely noticed.

Wood’s inherent benefits include natural appearance and durability